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Sunset Hospice Cottage A cottage full of care

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Personal loss unlocked divine purpose

Learn how a small local group got an entire community to roll up their sleeves and join our mission of bringing quality hospice care to southwest Minnesota.

For patients

How we put patients first

Sunset Hospice Cottage is unwavering in our commitment to preserving the dignity of every patient.

Located in Worthington, Minnesota, we serve southwest Minnesota with pride. Operated by volunteers and funded entirely by donations, Sunset Hospice Cottage offers all the comforts of home yet boasts a medical professional staff from Sanford Health. Combined we are 100% committed to preserving the dignity of every patient.

Comfort. Compassion. Community. Affordability. Quality care. These aren’t just the pillars we were built on – they’re the pillars we rely on. We believe everyone deserves empathy, privacy and grace during their final chapter. Our goal is to see they get it.

For families

From sunrise to sunset it’s an honor to support you

We believe our cottage is more than a place for hospice services. Hospice is a philosophy rooted in comfort, compassion and uncompromised quality care. Simply put, our residents and their loved ones are treated as extended family and we’re here to help them find peace during stressful and often challenging times.

Our professional staff has first-hand experience with loss and transition and our facility is independently designed, managed and operated by local Worthington residents.

Because Sunset Hospice Cottage is donor funded, we’re fueled by passion and not profit, which means patients always come first.

For providers

Quality care from medical professionals you know and trust

Our alliance with Sanford Health makes it possible for every patient to receive continued medical care from their personal physicians. This familiarity and medical preparedness put patients at ease during life’s most difficult moments.

Our full-time, credentialed clinicians are empathetic, professional and fully committed to ensuring each patient has the best possible quality of life. As healthcare providers, going above and beyond is what we do.

Our donors and volunteers make the impossible possible

Everyone deserves dignity during their final chapter. Our generous financial donors and compassionate volunteers ensure that Sunset Hospice Cottage runs smoothly, and that patient care is never compromised.

All members of management serve as volunteers and because 100% of donations go directly to the care of our residents, Sunset Hospice Cottage patients remain our top priority. To put our commitment to affordability into perspective, we do not have a single paid member in our entire organization. Our facility is independently designed, managed and operated by local Worthington residents. And because community is at the core of all we stand for, we take pride in the fact that Sunset Hospice Cottage runs exclusively on the love and financial support of local businesses and countless private citizens like you.

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Both my mother and father passed away at Sunset Hospice Cottage and the facility was a blessing to them and our family. It allowed us to be together through the good times and the hard ones. And enabled us to spend as much time with mom as she wanted without burdening her. Sunset Hospice Cottage provided the professional care, comfortable surroundings and spiritual support that we knew she wanted.

Paula Jorgensen-Lenz

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