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May 07 2021

Spring Weather Brings the Meditation Trail to Life

By The Sunset Hospice Cottage Board of Directors

Ten years ago, the Sunset Hospice Cottage Meditation Trail was no more than an idea; but after several years of planning, fundraising and construction it’s now in full bloom. Springtime is always the best reminder to see how the donations and hard work came to fruition. Fresh flowers, green grass, warm sunshine, light breezes….it can be a cathartic time for anyone who spends time along the Meditation Trail.

What makes this trail truly special is the community. It was one of the broadest group of supporters we have had for any single Cottage project. Many people in our community and the surrounding area donated from small amounts to substantial amounts. Some of their names you will find along the trail, while others chose to remain anonymous. The trail, and those who donated, is a good reminder for our residents that even in your final chapter in this physical world, you are loved and surrounded by your community.

Deb Scheidt, who is currently serving on the board and is a volunteer at the Cottage, stated that she has spent a lot of time on the trail with residents. “Residents really love the Meditation Trail. It provides them with the opportunity to reflect on their life, to share their stories with family and friends, to see the good in the world and the good in their life while surrounded by the beauty of nature and the beauty of the Cottage. And as families look back on their hospice experience I hope they are able to embrace those cherished memories along the trail with their loved one.”

If you’re ever in the area, come by and spend some time along the trail. You may even find a little extra peace to brighten your day.

The Sunset Hospice Cottage would like to, again, thank everyone in the community and the surrounding area who so generously donated to help make this project a reality! We’d also like to thank Robin Meintsma who graciously volunteers her time to maintain the beauty of the trail. She does a wonderful job!

Recognized benefactors acknowledged along the trail
• Wayne & Karen Freese
• Curtis Wahl
• Marcia Basche
• Alan & Janice Oberloh
• Gary Place & Families
• Marlene Lorenz & Families
• Jerry Eykyn Family
• James Boltjes
• First State Bank Southwest
• DeGroot Family
• Kenton & Peggy Meier
• Sanford Worthington Medical Center Staff
• Aaron Nystrom
• Scott Wildeman

Additional benefactors who generously donated
• Willis Adolph
• AgStar
• Laura & Larry Ailts
• Marilyn Anderson
• Patti Bartlett
• Patrick Barnett
• Suzanne Bauer
• Susan Bents
• Eldon Bents
• Leo Bosma
• Ladonna Busswitz
• Joan Clark
• James Elsing
• Lois Funk
• Jeff & Sue Funk
• Keith Gallagher
• Jeanne Goettsch
• Ronald & Winora Hallstrom
• Dee Hale
• Roxann Hample
• Dennis Hample
• Lori Hessefort
• Richard Huls
• Janelle & Mike Johnson
• Alvin Kooiman
• Jerome Kopel
• Burdell Kuhl
• Land & Home Services
• Judy Luing
• Donald Majerus
• Steven McCuen
• Mega Inc.
• Keith Olson
• Terese Perkins
• Victor Reineke
• Mel & Bonnie Rogers
• Steve Rubis
• Marjorie Ruesch
• Elaine Schuster
• Carole Shorter
• Grant Sorenson
• Spessard Family
• Brenda Stanton
• Rhonda Stenzel
• Douglas Tate
• Emma Vlastuin
• Clair Williams


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Both my mother and father passed away at Sunset Hospice Cottage and the facility was a blessing to them and our family. It allowed us to be together through the good times and the hard ones. And enabled us to spend as much time with mom as she wanted without burdening her. Sunset Hospice Cottage provided the professional care, comfortable surroundings and spiritual support that we knew she wanted.

Paula Jorgensen-Lenz

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