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Nov 12 2020

We have a LOT to be thankful for this season.

By The Sunset Hospice Cottage Board of Directors

2020 will be a year no one will forget.  The progression of Covid has changed everyone’s daily life, including our operations at the Sunset Hospice Cottage.  I’m sure we all agree that we will be “thankful” when this chapter is behind us.  But where we find tribulation, we also find the greatest aspects of human kindness.  This seemed especially true this year as we had waves of compassion and generosity coming to us in an endless stream.  We wanted to reflect on some of them:

The Sunset Hospice Cottage Fundraising Committee for working so diligently on soliciting donations for the annual fundraising event in April only to make the contacts a second time to postpone the event to October and then yet again to cancel the event for 2020.   Your dedication to the annual fundraiser and to the Sunset Hospice Cottage does not go unnoticed!

The Worthington Event Center for working so diligently to schedule, reschedule and eventually cancel our 2020 fundraiser and working with us again to schedule the 2021 event.

To the event and table sponsors, individual ticket purchasers, and all other businesses and individuals who made the donations for the live and silent auctions, the grand prizes, ads and cash donations for the 2020 fundraising event. Even though we had to make the difficult decision to eventually cancel the 2020 event, rest assured that your generous donations will be used for the 2021 fundraising event.  Your generosity is overwhelming.

Rabinovici and Associates for the amazing website design, new handouts, and the ongoing hosting of the site. Even though you are based in Miami, on the other side of the country from us, we officially consider you a Worthington resident.

Diane and Ray Waldner who have purchased Memory Companion pets to be homed at the Cottage. These lifelike stuffed animals provide snuggles and a little companionship to residents who find comfort in feeling they are never alone.

KM Graphics for printing our brochures and pamphlets. They turned out great and are very helpful when talking to families about what makes the Cottage special.

Lauren Postma’s expertise and workmanship is shown once again by this talented man.  He helps make the act of giving simple and seamless as the donation box he made was added to the lobby of the Sunset Hospice Cottage.

Ashley Grant, who designed and made the sign on the donation box and generously donated to the Cottage.

Dan Krueger for heading up the shed project with local contractors. This will enable the garage area to remain clear of seasonal supplies and allows aesthetic and patient mobility improvements to be made to the inside of the existing garage.

Mike Burns of Burns Lock and Key for gratuitously adding a new key pad lock on the garage.

Runes Furniture who helped us bring in four queen sized sleeper sofas for the resident rooms. Thank you Doug Frisch, Dave Frisch, Danny Frisch, Cortney Miller, Bryant Schroeder, Heath Kruse and Derrick Riemersma.

Arrow Line Striping, owned by Keith Maxwell, donated the new striping to the parking lot. We’re always amazed how much easier it is to park when we can see the lines!

Robin Meintsma for the care and watering of all of the plants this summer and Scott Rosenberg of Rosenberg Treescapes for the tree removal.  Seeing the gardens, trees and foliage becomes a reflection point for many of our residents. While some may see it as a necessary task, we see it as a way to brighten somebody’s day.

Austin Carlson and the Boy Scouts for power washing the front of the Cottage. It looks so much better!

Bedford Technology for the benches for our meditation path. They are beautiful and very much appreciated by the residents, guests and their families.

As always, the Sanford health staff are the best and most caring individuals we can imagine!

Finally, to everyone who has generously made monetary donations in years past.  Without our annual fundraiser, or even traditional funerals, our 2020 donations are very lean.  But with your previous generosity we are financially healthy and will continue to serve this community for as long as you will have us.

The Sunset Hospice Cottage is non-profit and other than nursing we are 100% staffed by volunteers.  The Cottage belongs to our community, and our community takes care of the Cottage beyond our expectations.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.


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Both my mother and father passed away at Sunset Hospice Cottage and the facility was a blessing to them and our family. It allowed us to be together through the good times and the hard ones. And enabled us to spend as much time with mom as she wanted without burdening her. Sunset Hospice Cottage provided the professional care, comfortable surroundings and spiritual support that we knew she wanted.

Paula Jorgensen-Lenz

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